Lent at OGJH: “Encounter Lent! Pray, Fast and Give Alms”

Lent is a time of prayer, penance, and good works in preparation for Easter. The O’Gorman Junior High School Lenten Committee is using the theme, “Encounter Lent! Pray, Fast and Give Alms”

Fasting and Almsgiving
Rice Bowl through Catholic Relief Services (CRS): Click here for more information regarding CRS. Each homeroom will have a Rice Bowl available. Students can bring in money to add to the rice bowl any day during Lent. Students will be encouraged to donate money that they would typically spend on snacks or drinks and donate it toward the Rice Bowl.

Donation of Children’s Books: New or gently used children’s books (ages 0-12) can be donated. These books will then be donated to the Bishop Dudley House, St. Francis House, and to the Banquet.

Each morning, prior to homeroom, all school prayer will take place in the gym with the homerooms leading it. The prayers will revolve around well-intended, generous deeds, which students can instill in their daily lives

Christian Service

The Catholic Church and other Christian Churches are known for their Christian service.  As a Disciple of Jesus, God calls each of us to be a Christian steward by sharing our time, talent, and treasure.  Giving our time to serve our Lord and serve our neighbor is one way how we live our faith.  To help build our community of faith, the religion classes at O’Gorman Junior High implement a Christian service project into the curriculum.

Students are required to serve their church, community, and family.  Students are expected to complete a total of twelve hours of service throughout the school year.  Every quarter students are expected to serve one hour of service for their church, one hour of service for their community, and one hour of service for their family.