School Sponsored Sports

Fall: August-October
Cross Country
Boys’ Golf (High School)
Girls’ Tennis
Cheer (High School)
Dance (High School

Early Winter: November-January
Girls’ Basketball
Gymnastics (High School)
Wrestling (High School)

Late Winter: January-March
Boys’ Basketball
Gymnastics (High School)
Wrestling (High School)

Spring: March-May
Track and Field
Girls’ Golf (High School)
Boys’ Tennis (High School)

School Athletic Program Philosophy

O’Gorman Junior High Athletic Program Philosophy

The OGJH athletic program has established the following goals:

1. Participation: to provide an enjoyable and meaningful experience focusing on:

  • Christian values of fair play
  • Respect for appropriate authority, teammates and opponents
  • Grace in victory and dignity in defeat
  • Consistent effort and positive attitude
  • Playing time that is determined by practice attendance, attitude, in addition to ability, grades, and behavior

2. Skill Development: to provide training and encouragement to develop knowledge and skills and to determine team placement based on the following:

  •  Ability level, attitude and effort demonstrated at the beginning of the season
  • Assessment (If athletes demonstrate in competition that they are not playing at the level  of competition appropriate to their ability, they may be reassigned at the discretion of the athletic staff).

3. Competition: to field teams at all levels of play while maintaining a healthy team-oriented perspective by emphasizing:

  • Improvement of skill level to advance to the next level of competition
  • Enjoyment of participation, attitude, effort, and personal growth
City Middle School Contact Information

O’Gorman Junior High School
3100 West 41st Street

George McGovern Middle School (GM)
6221 West Maple Street

Edison Middle School (E)
2101 S West Avenue

Memorial Middle School (M)
1401 S Sertoma

Patrick Henry Middle School (PH)
2200 S 5th Avenue

Whittier Middle School (W)
930 E 6th Street