Study Center:
The Study Center is a structured study hall with academic support that offers organization and study skills assistance.  Student progress is monitored through daily assignment notebook checks and weekly grade trackers.  Resources available include audio books, computers, course binders, textbooks, and tutoring from peers and education assistants. The Study Center also provides an alternate location for students to receive testing accomodations.  Testing accommodations include alternate setting, extended time, and tests read orally.  A student must be on an SFCS Accommodation Plan in order to test in the Study Center.

Achievement Academy:
Students looking for additional tutoring should explore resources available through the SFCS Achievement Academy.  The Achievement Academy is an academic program that serves children with a wide diversity of needs by offering families tutoring and testing in order to broaden and strengthen student achievement and success.  For more information please contact:

Amy Isaacson
Achievement Academy Director
Phone: (605)271-0133